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MORCOM (MORganCOMmunicationsSM) provides J.P. Morgan's clients with access to rich functionality across a diverse range of products and services offered by the Investment Bank.

J.P. Morgan's Broker Dealer Services business is an industry leader in providing clearing, custody, operations, technology and order execution capabilities to broker dealers worldwide. Our web-based workstation, MORCOMSM, utilizes the latest technology to provide access to a powerful set of integrated tools. This allows clients to achieve greater efficiency and scale in their businesses through smoother integration and sharing of information across a broad range of features and products. In addition, we leverage the breadth of J.P. Morgan's resources, tools and products so our clients can focus their attention on growing assets, attracting clients and building their businesses.


J.P. Morgan is pleased to provide major improvements to the features, functionality and performance of MORCOMSM. Users will notice new functionality, as well as enhancements to existing functionality, that will greatly improve the client experience. In addition, while clients will notice J.P. Morgan branding and style related changes to the look and feel of MORCOMSM, these changes will not impact the functionality available.

For more information on the products and services of J.P. Morgan's Broker Dealer Services business, please visit our website at www.jpmorgan.com/bds.

Please contact your Client Service Representative or click feedback to send us any comments or questions.